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Lisa Marie Presley Nicolas Cage Married 3 Months


Lisa Marie Presley Nicolas Cage Married 3 Months, I’ve always been slightly fascinated with Lisa Marie Presley, particularly as a result of her heavy-duty public involvement with Scientology, which her father so famously described as “that s.o.b. group — all they want is my money.” Now of course, the cult is getting a lot of his money since both Lisa Marie and Priscilla are followers. Not that the CO$ and all of its glorious “tech” has helped Lisa Marie endure lasting, healthy marriages unless one considers “healthy” to mean “plentiful.” At this point, she’s in the midst of her fourth marriage to musician Michael Lockwood and was previously married to Danny Keough, Michael Jackson, and Nicolas Cage. According a story in this week’s edition of The Enquirer, Lisa Marie is well on her way to a fourth divorce:

Lisa Marie Presley is strugglng to keep her marriage to fourth husband Michael Lockwood from falling apart, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

Lisa Marie and Michael have been butting heads over her relentless determination to become a singing star, her role as sole heir to her father Elvis’ estate and how to best parent their 3-year-old twins as well as her adult children from her first marriage, say sources.

She married Michael in 2006 and gave birth to twin girls Harper and Finley in 2008. Although they’ve argued before, sources say their conflicts appear to have escalated over recent months as Lisa Marie prepares to promote her new CD and tour.

According to the friend, Lisa Marie has been working on her “do-or-die” third album for several years and has enlisted Grammy-winning producer T-Bone Burnett to guide her through the recording process. Meanwhile, she’s had husband Michael — her longtime guitarist and musical director — take a minimal role in the project.

“She’s made him more of a sideman, and it’s hurt his feelings,” the friend explained. “Right now she’s planning on relegating Michael to playing guitar on some songs, handling tour arrangements and taking care of their twins. Michael is an easy-going guy, but when she told him to like it or lump it, he brooded for days.”

But Lisa Marie’s career isn’t the couple’s only problem. The two can’t agree on how best to raise their daughters, or how involved they should be in the lives of Lisa’s older children, actress/model Riley, 22, and musician Benjamin, 29.

“Michael is much more of a ‘take it as it comes’ dad and stepfather, while Lisa Marie plays the overly concerned parent,” the source said.

“Sometimes during heated arguments with Michael, Lisa Marie has said she wants out,” the friend confided. “But divorce is out of the question. Lisa Marie doesn’t want to be a four-time loser and is committed to making her marrige to Michael work.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, February 6. 2012]

The article also mentions that Lisa Marie has upset Michael by leaving him out of plans for the commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Elvis’ death, and she also completely “keeps him completely removed from anything to do with the Presley finances.” On that end, I certainly can’t blame her because she’s the sole heir of the Elvis fortune. Then again, she’s turning so much of it over to Scientology, so if I were Michael, I’d probably feel slighted too. Unless he’s a member of the CO$ as well, which he probably is.

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