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Linda Hamilton James Cameron $50 Million Divorce Settlement


Linda Hamilton James Cameron $50 Million Divorce Settlement, She was the tough, gun-toting matriarch Sarah Connor in The Terminator films but in her real life Linda Hamilton appeared to her affairs peaceful.

The American actress now, 55, has owned this tranquil Malibu Villa since 1995 but has just put it on the market for $5,495,000.

The 4,754-square-foot home is settled in a very private gated area filled with manicured lawns, sprawling gardens and patios, a pool, waterfall and six garages.

Linda, who also has a recurring role in the sitcom Chuck, has been married twice.

She married her first husband, actor Bruce Abbott, on December 18, 1982 but separated while she was pregnant with their first child.

Hamilton gave birth to her son Dalton on October 4, 1989, and the couple divorced before the year’s end.

While filming Terminator 2 in 1991, Hamilton began a relationship with director James Cameron, whom she had met seven years earlier when he directed her in the first Terminator film.

They had a daughter, Josephine, born in 1993.

She and Cameron eventually married in 1997, but the marriage was short-lived, ending in a $50 million divorce settlement in 1999.

Hamilton has described herself politically as a Democrat, but she voted for Republican candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She said she only voted for her Terminator co-star in the 2003 California election after his campaign convinced her he was suitable for the job.

‘The woman he can’t get is always his dream girl,’ she says. ‘Work and women go hand in hand for Jimbo, and I should know.’

The actress had a convoluted and turbulent relationship with Avatar director Cameron.

Hamilton, one of Cameron’s four ex wives, says the trouble with the director is that he always wants what he can’t have

While he was making Titanic, and living with Linda, he fell for Suzy Amis, who had a small part in the movie.

Later, torn between the two, he left Amis, went back to Hamilton and married her.

The marriage lasted just eight months before he went back to Amis; she is still with him and they have a son and two daughters.

His third wife is Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow.

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