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Kathy Griffin No Makeup


Kathy Griffin No Makeup, The photos of Griffin were taken on Wednesday, but their validity was at first questioned due to the fact that they hardly appeared to resemble the 51 year-old comedienne. In the past, Griffin has commented that she had never had any work done and is very “au naturale.”

“I SWEAR I haven’t had anything in YEARS! Promise. No Botox, fillers NUTHIN!” Griffin tweeted at a fan in June.

Griffin has a long standing career making people laugh. In 2007, she served as a guest co-host of “The View.” The hosts on “The Talk” also decided recently to attempt doing a full episode without wearing any makeup on, but admitted that it was difficult not to cheat.

“I was trying to think about something that wasn’t really [cheating]. Something reflective like a shimmer or a shine, like what could we all get away with,” Aisha Tyler commented. “My husband was like ‘just get a whole cucumber and put that thing all over your face.'”Kathy Griffin No Makeup

“I was not cheating, I never was going to cheat,” Gilbert insisted, although Perry suggested that they “all had ideas about cheating” at some point.

Regardless of the temptation, however, the ladies finally agreed to go without and walked on stage wearing nothing more than white bath robes.

Celebrities without makeup has caught on as something of a trend, although one of “The Talk” hosts noted that it wasn’t easy to go bare in front of millions without the support of good friends.




“There’s not [many people] that would go on TV in front of millions of people with no makeup, so to be in a group of people that are willing to do that together is really cool,” Gilbert said. “It shows that we’re willing to show parts of our lives that not everybody is willing to show. We really are girlfriends and because we feel safe with each other, we’re willing to show more of ourselves to the public.”

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