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Justin Bieber Plot


Justin Bieber Plot, Justin Bieber performs at the 40th American Music Awards Justin Bieber was to be strangled and castrated as part of a gruesome kidnap plot ordered by an obsessed jailed killer, according to a bizarre court case in the US.

Mark Staake, 41, and his 23-year-old nephew Tanner Ruane from New Mexico were allegedly commissioned by convicted killer Dana Martin to murder four men, including the pop superstar and his bodyguard.

Martin, who met Staake in prison, apparently gave exact details as to how the plot was to play out.

It included the use of a paisley tie (his old calling card) to strangle the victims and the offer of a $2.5k (£1.6k) bounty for each of the men’s testicles.

But Staake was arrested in Vermont on November 19 on outstanding warrants for previous offences before any murders could took place, KRQE-13 TV in New Mexico reported.

A day later he was secretly recorded by police on the phone to Ruane, talking about the alleged plot.

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