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Julianne Moore


Julianne Moore, It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a fashion enthusiast in possession of a brain must be in stomach-flipping awe of Julianne Moore. The actress, on cinema screens this week in Stephen King’s Carrie, surpasses every upstart, actress and style plate in Hollywood as an altar for worship. On the red carpet, the flame-haired mother-of-two turns all heads with her ability to wear high-end fashion in a way that is both spellbinding and totally approachable, while on the streets of New York she combines classic Breton tops with effortlessly cool pea coats and Birkenstocks to achingly cool effect. In short, Moore is ageless style personified. And don’t start us on her appearance in 30 Rock. Heaven.

Here, the fashion insiders who have met, dressed and worshipped her tell us why there’s no one they love more than Moore.

Tom Ford, designer

“I first met Julianne more than 15 years ago and I adored her instantly. She is so completely grounded and not at all like many actresses that one meets. She has a great sense of humour and a wonderful laugh and smile. It is very difficult to be in anything other than a good mood when you are around her. Her intelligence and quick wit are as striking as her beauty. She is also a loyal friend and has a wonderful sense of values. Professionally, I have the utmost respect for her. She is an incredible actress. She is fearless in the roles she accepts and the camera loves her. When I was directing her for my film, A Single Man, and I looked at her through the lens it was startling: she is actually luminous and I instantly understood what “star quality” really is. As for her personal style, she knows who she is and what she looks good in. She has an innate sense of fashion and a knowledge of all things relating to design. Because of her keen eye, she never makes a fashion blunder and wears her clothes with confidence. This is what makes her a fashion icon.”

Sophia Neophitou, Editor-In-Chief 10 Men Magazine

“Styling Moore was one of my first jobs at Harper’s Bazaar and she was the first celebrity I’d ever styled for a magazine cover. I struggle to find merit in putting celebs on covers but Moore is different. Generous, creative and down to earth, she has a weird, otherworldly beauty that’s attainable. That’s what so appealing about her. In the days of high glamour there’s something wonderful about her beauty – it’s tangible. She is the sort of woman you could see on a football pitch or out to dinner. Women can find a common ground and kinship in her beauty while men love her too.

When I shot with her she was open to becoming who the magazine needed her to become. She isn’t a fashion victim but a woman we all believe in.”

Simon Chilvers, fashion writer and men’s style director at

“Julianne, a bit like Tilda [Swinton], is not just a cracking, intelligent, ludicrously good-looking actor who takes work risks – have you seen Savage Grace? – but also, from a fashion perspective, she’s one of those women who really wears clothes. They don’t happen around her, they’re never part of the scenery.

“I love how she takes on any colour – jade green, canary yellow, fuchsia – with complete effortless gusto. Ditto unusual shapes. Both of these suggest to me that she actually likes clothes rather than just has to wear them. And when it comes to celebrity fashion shoots few actors have ever looked as convincing.

“A W magazine cover story from 2004, when Julianne went blonde, shot by Mario Sorrenti, was a total jaw-drop.”

White beauty: Moore at the New York premiere of Carrie Catherine Kallon, Founder & Editor, Red Carpet Fashion Awards

“With radiant skin and flame-red hair, Julianne Moore can do no wrong; still setting the style pace at 50 years old – as one of the icons of our generation – we often see her in edgy looks by Tom Ford, Lanvin or Givenchy yet she still manages to have an approachable aura, which is why she was snapped up to be one of the beautiful faces of L’OrĂ©al.”

Richard Nicoll, designer

“Julianne Moore is the epitome of modern female strength and handsome elegance. She perfectly represents a balance of masculine and feminine that is crucial to the DNA of my clothes, which is why I was so proud that she wore one of my signature silk jumpsuits (right) in a cornflower blue.

“I actually designed a dress dedicated to her that was called ‘Julianne’ for my S/S12 collection. I showed it on a gorgeous redhead to emphasise the point. She is amazing and transcends stereotypes of age and style.”

Kate Phelan, contributing fashion editor Vogue

“Julianne is the ultimate ageless woman. I don’t know how old she is, I don’t need to know – her pale skin, dark red hair, her normal shape and size are all her own.

“You don’t look at her and think ‘has she had this and that done’ – it doesn’t matter because she always looks natural and real, with or without make-up. Her style is chic, understated but powerful, she always looks like the woman we would love to be.

“In the flesh [Phelan styled Moore for British Vogue in 2009] she is kind and interested, funny and even more beautiful. She laughs a lot and talks about fashion and family in the same breath, all with genuine interest and never soppy or contrived.

“She is clever and beautiful, has great style and is not perfect. That is what makes her the most perfect woman.”

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