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Julia Louis-dreyfus Net Worth $2.9 Billion


Julia Louis-dreyfus Net Worth $2.9 Billion, Your eyes aren’t deceiving you and no we did not make a mistake when we say that Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the actress who played Elaine Benes in Seinfeld, has a personal fortune of $3 billion. How is it possible that Julia has nearly 5 times more money than Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld combined? It’s not from acting, it’s not from endorsements, and it’s not from investing in real estate.

Nope, a little known fact is that Julia is lucky to be the eldest daughter of billionaire Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, chairman of the Louis Dreyfus Energy Services.

Now to be fair, Julia’s father is still alive (born in 1932) as is her mother and step mother. She also has four siblings. But word on the street is that Julia is the apple of her father’s eye because of all the success she had without relying on the family name or connections. This success outside the family business earned Louis-Drefuys millions of dollars of her very own both from Seinfeld as well as The New Adventures of Old Christine. But the real money will come through inheritance. I wonder how Jerry and Larry, George, and Kramer feel about being the poor friends of Elaine!

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