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Julia Caples Drinks Two Liters Of Blood A Month


Julia Caples Drinks Two Liters Of Blood A Month, “Real-life vampire” Julia Caples, a Pennsylvania mother of two, has been drinking blood for 30 years, reports the British newspaper The Sun.

The Wilkes Barre, Pa., woman drinks two liters of blood a month from fellow vampire fans, willing blood donors who come to her through her occult store. In her home, the real-life vampire cuts her victims with a custom knife she made.

“When I feed off of a person and drink their blood I feel stronger and healthier,” Caples says, adding, “I know scientifically there’s not a lot nutrition in blood, but maybe there’s some value we haven’t discovered yet.”

From a young age, the real-life vampire knew she was different. In 2011, she told The Graveyard Press, which bills itself as “A Modern Magazine for a Modern Vampire Community,” that she “wasn’t like anybody else.” Raised in a devout Southern Baptist household, Caples said that, “other children instinctively knew that I was not like them. Which suited me just fine.”

“I knew enough about myself…to know that I hungered for blood,” Caples told The Graveyard Press.

Caples first started drinking blood until about 30 years ago, when she met her now ex-husband Donald. When the pair married in 2000, they drank each other’s blood at the vampire-themed wedding. Donald, who’s still good friends with Caples, gave up blood-drinking after their son was born.

“I gave up, so Julia didn’t have to,” Donald said. “We agreed that one of us would need to stop and focus on parenting full time. Julia still likes to drink, but she’s also an amazing mother, and her children come first. She’d never let it stop her mothering her kids.”

Blood-drinking, while morbid, is not necessarily dangerous. Where it can get dangerous is if the blood contains infections. HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C travel through the blood, and while it’s not clear whether drinking the blood would give you the disease, it’s fairly obvious that it’d be a good idea to avoid drinking HIV-infected blood.

As for how drinking blood effects real-life vampire Julia Caples, she says, “I feel more beautiful than any other time when I’m regularly drinking. I’m also extremely healthy with no major health problems, and I have an abundance of energy all the time.”

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