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John McAfee Captured


John McAfee Captured, Recent reports say the fugitive John McAfee has been captured. Police in Belize just want to talk to him, they say. But McAfee says he can’t trust the authorities in his adopted home country. Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)—which now owns McAfee’s eponymous company—just wishes the story would go away.

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David Segal catches up with the story in Belize:

It started on Nov. 11, the morning that Gregory Faull, a 52-year-old American, was found dead. … The police announced that a “person of interest”…was a neighbor, John McAfee, a Silicon Valley legend. … [He] quickly melted into the island’s lush green forest.

Before he went underground, Mr. McAfee led a noisy, opulent and increasingly stressful life here. … [He] has since said on his blog that he had no choice but to flee because police and politicians…are corrupt and eager to kill him. … Some McAfee watchers [say] he grew paranoid and perhaps psychotic after months of…MDPV, a psychoactive drug. … Dr. Paul Earley, an addiction specialist in Atlanta, said…“The absence of any apparent side effects lures users into heavier and heavier doses and at some point [they] become psychotic and paranoid. … Often they think the police are after them. That is the classic MDPV profile.”

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