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Jodi Arias Trial


Jodi Arias Trial, Jodi Arias lulled her ex-boyfriend into a vulnerable position by having sex with him and taking sexy photos of him in the shower, catching him off guard when she attacked him with a knife, prosecutors argued today.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez said today that Arias drove to Travis Alexander’s home with the express intent of killing him, taking with her a gun and a knife and then sleeping with him before killing him.

“When she got there, she got engaged in whatever conduct she engaged him, and then began to attack him,” Martinez said, referring to earlier evidence that the pair had sex in Alexander’s home and took nude photos of one another.

“After she had, in a manner of speaking, lulled him to sleep, had him in a very vulnerable position kneeling down in that shower, it is the state’s position that she stabbed him first,” he said. “Once she began stabbing, it’s not a situation where she stopped. She killed him three times over.”

Martinez made the argument to prove that there was premeditation and aggravating factors attached to the felony murder charge Arias is facing, and to support the prosecution’s bid for the death penalty. The prosecution rested its case today, on the ninth day of the trial in Maricopa County, Ariz.

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