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Joanne Jackson & Mastectomy Photos


Joanne Jackson & Mastectomy Photos, After Joanne Jackson beat breast cancer she wanted to share her story with the world. However, when she posted photos of her mastectomy scars on Facebook, the images were flagged as offensive and later removed from the site. The 40-year-old British woman had posed for a photo shoot to celebrate her life and decided to upload 11 images to the social networking site in order to inspire other women in similar situations, the Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports.

But Jackson received a notice from Facebook explaining that some of her content had been taken down because it violated the company’s policy regarding n-dity. Soon, the mother took her story public and posted one of the offending pictures on her Twitter account:

RT this is me 2wk after mastectomy Facebook says its offensive and against policy,I see a strong woman, you? ”

– joanne jackson (@ThornhillSW) May 16, 2012
“I am not one who is shy but these pictures weren’t as much about me as about other women who had maybe just been diagnosed with breast cancer,” Jackson told the paper. “The images aren’t fluffy, they are real and I am very proud of them.”

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