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Jimi Hendrix Cause Of Death


Jimi Hendrix Cause Of Death, The Mysterious Death Of Jimi Hendrix

Last year, after the death of Kurt Cobain (a death in which heroin may have played a part) Kurt’s mother remarked, “Now he’s gone and joined that stupid club. I told him not to join that stupid club.” She was referring of course to the drug related deaths of Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. Well, the problem with that statement is, Jimi Hendrix did not die of a heroin overdose. He did not die free-basing cocaine. He did not die speed-balling (using both heroin and cocaine). He was not on hard drugs at the time of his death. His death in fact, is shrouded in mystery. Twenty-five years after the death of Jimi Hendrix, we still don’t know the exact circumstances leading up to and surrounding his death.

In an attempt to gain a greater insight into Jimi Hendrix, we tried, and we really emphasize “tried”, speaking with Alan Douglas. Douglas, from all accounts was friends with Hendrix. He was and is today a record producer who worked on many of Jimi’s recording projects. Maybe it was the fact that Douglas had root canal work the day we spoke to him (we offered to change the interview day and he refused) that best explains his attitude in this interview. Maybe our questions hit a raw nerve.

It should be pointed out that according to authors John McDermott and Eddie Kramer (Hendrix: Setting the record Straight, Warner Bros. Books) Hendrix once said of Alan Douglas, “I don’t want that guy to have anything to do with my music.” Guess what? Alan Douglas, through his company Are you Experienced, Ltd. is the overseer of Jimi Hendrix recordings. What follows is a very bizarre interview with Alan Douglas.

Q – When did you first meet Jimi Hendrix?

A – In 1969.

Q – Was that at a dinner party?

A – He was at my house. Somebody brought him home to visit me.

Q – So, you knew him fairly well then?

A – Reasonably well.

Q – Have you ever seen the movie “Beyond the Doors” produced by Larry Buchanan?

A – Not interested.

Q – Would there be a reason why?

A – That I’m not interested?

Q – Yes.

A – It looks like it’s of very poor quality. What’s the question? C’mon. I mean I like the way you set sh*t up, man. Ask me the question, you know. What do you want to find out?

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