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Jessica Robertson Before Duck Dynasty


Jessica Robertson Before Duck Dynasty, The hit A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty” made cable TV history several weeks ago when more than 11 million viewers tuned in to watch the premiere of season four. It chronicles the lives of a Louisiana family who own the multimillion dollar duck call company Duck Commander while staying true to their rural roots and their Christian faith. One of its stars, Jessica Robertson, the wife of Jep Robertson, makes an appearance at 1 p.m. Sept. 22 at the Charlotte Convention Center during the Southern Women’s Show. She’ll talk about her life in West Monroe, La., where the show takes place, and answer questions from the audience.

She spoke with the Observer recently while attending New York Fashion Week to watch her niece Sadie Robertson model gowns from her new prom dress line.

Q: The men on the show are known for the beards, and the women for their beauty. What beauty or fashion tips do you have to share?

A: I think everyone is so different that you have to do what looks best for you, but the main thing is to take care of your skin. For the show, they put more makeup on me than I normally wear. I believe less is more. Let your natural beauty shine through and embrace who you are. I’ve always loved fashion. I used to work at a boutique in West Monroe. My style is to stay classy, but with a little bit of trendiness. My grandmother sewed and I loved her sewing room. I used to make some of my shirts and skirts, but with four kids (she and Jep are the parents of daughters Lily, 10; Merritt, 9; Priscilla, 7; and son River, 4) I don’t make a lot of my clothes now. I do like to quilt and I’m teaching my daughters. Each has her own sewing machine now, and I have their fabrics set out to make their first quilt.

Q: Do you dream of designing your own line of clothes?

A: I’m actually in talks about that now, but it’s a long process. I’d like to start out with a lower priced line that’s affordable for everyone, but still really fashionable.

Q: How do you practice your faith in your day-to-day life?

A: We pray every day and study the Bible. It all comes down to the way we live our lives and the way we treat each other. Every thing I do that’s positive is not because of me, it’s because of Jesus Christ living in me. When we started the show, we all said it wouldn’t be worth it if we lose our marriages or our souls, so we make God the priority and put him first in everything we do. The main thing is to not be influenced by evil. Surround yourself and your kids with believers who have the light of God shining through them.

Q: What’s the worse part of being on the show?

A: The fans are really nice, but it can get crazy. The guys will come out (of the Duck Commander headquarters) and spend 20 minutes talking to them and taking photos. But then they have to get back to work, and there’s always that one person who is upset you didn’t have the time to talk to them. Jase (Jep’s brother) had a guy hiding behind the tree in his yard. I don’t care who someone is, I would never come to their house. If someone comes to our houses, we are not going to embrace it.

Q: When you judged the Miss USA pageant this year, one of your fellow judges was reality TV star NeNe Leakes (of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame). What was your impression of her?

A: I didn’t know anything about her, but everyone said she’s got a big personality. When I first meet someone, I’m quiet and reserved, so I was shy for a little bit. But by the end of the night we swapped numbers. She’s really sweet and funny. We had a good time.

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Jessica Robertson Before Duck Dynasty

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