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Jennifer Garner Baby, Breast-feeding


Jennifer Garner Baby, Breast-feeding, It’s been just under a month since Jennifer Garner gave birth to her third child with Ben Affleck, but she already looks amazing, complete with that post-pregnancy glow.

Garner was in Las Vegas at CinemaCon where she made her first public appearance since having the baby. Garner was the recipient of the Female Star of the Year Award.

Garner, 40, joked that she was undeserving of the award, saying, “I told my mom the other day I was getting this award . . . and I was excited and feeling proud and thought she was going to be proud, and then there was this pause on the other end of the line,” Garner said during her acceptance speech. “She said, ‘Jennifer, do these people know you haven’t worked in the last year?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I feel they probably know what I’ve been up to. I haven’t stepped foot on a set. You are correct, mom.'”

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