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Italy School Bomb Kills 16-year-old Girl


Italy School Bomb Kills 16-year-old Girl-> The girl was heading to class at the school in Brindisi when the attack occurred. Italian Student Dies In ‘Mafia School Bombing’, One student has been killed and seven others injured in a suspected mafia bomb blast at a school in southern Italy. Two powerful explosions scattered deadly shrapnel across a wide area just as students were arriving for lessons.

Melissa Bassi, 16, suffered horrific injuries in the blast and was taken to hospital but died a short while later.

Doctors are still battling to save the life of another victim, Veronica Capodieci, whose condition has been described as “life threatening”.

Paramedics and police were immediately at the scene and TV footage showed the blast area as shocked students gathered outside the building.

Officially there was no immediate link to organised crime and no claim of responsibility.

However, prosecutors and politicians said they were working on the theory the tragedy may be linked to an anti-mafia protest and that the local mafia, the Sacra Corona Unita, may be involved.

The blast went off close to the Francesca Morvillo Falcone school in the southern Italian town of Brindisi – home to the Sacra Corona Unita, who have close links with the Russian and Albanian mafia and are linked to drug and gun running.

The school is named after the wife of anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone, who were both killed in a bomb blast on May 23, 1992, which was carried out by the Sicilian mafia.

The devices, connected to gas canisters and hidden in rucksacks went off about 30 metres from the Brindisi courthouse.

Students arriving for lessons caught the full impact of the blasts, with shrapnel from the canisters piercing the shutters of nearby shops and blowing out windows of apartment buildings overlooking the scene.

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