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‘It Looked Like A Submarine. With A Tail’


‘It Looked Like A Submarine. With A Tail’, A pair of fisherman off the coast of Florida couldn’t believe what they’d snagged on their line. Great White Shark: A Once in a Lifetime Catch, For Captain Joe Maisano of Treasure Island, Fla., and fisherman Fab Marchese of Ontario, Canada, it seemed like it would be just another day out on the water, but that quickly changed when the two fishermen spotted a rare great white shark.

Maisano, 26, was about 30 miles off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico last Friday when he noticed what looked like a great white shark.

“I have seen ‘Jaws’ enough times to know what they look like,” said Maisano. “It just smelled the blood in the water, because we have been sitting there for several hours and he just wanted to come up and get some food.”

Joe Maisano and his father Sam have owned the fishing charter company Go Fast Fishing Charters for the past 12 years, but neither of them had ever seen a great white before.

“It looked like a submarine. With a tail,” said Maisano. Maisano told ABC News that he first spotted the great white 10 minutes before he alerted everyone else on the boat.

Maisano began throwing more bait into the water to lure the shark in closer. Marchese then threw out a baited fishing line, which hooked the shark within 20 minutes.

“Well we hooked in a 350 pound goliath grouper earlier, and you cannot compare that fight with the great white,” said Marchese.

The fishermen pulled up the boat’s anchor and then let the great white drag the boat around for the next three hours.

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