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Howard Stern Sickened Poe


Howard Stern Sickened Poe, Howard Stern has met a lot of sleazy characters in his media career, but “America’s Got Talent” contestant Tim Poe might just take the cake.

Poe was featured on Monday night’s episode of the AGT auditions in Austin. He captivated the judges and the viewing audience with a heartrending story of how he developed a stutter as a result of a traumatic brain injury sustained in combat in Afghanistan. Poe said he began singing as part of his speech therapy, and then delivered a dreamy rendition of Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes”.

But late Tuesday, an Associated Press report revealed that the Minnesota National Guard who deployed Poe had no record of him sustaining any combat injuries. A spokesperson for the MNG also revealed that Poe was only deployed to Afghanistan for a month.
As of late Tuesday night, NBC had “no comment” on the story, but Howard Stern had plenty to say Wednesday morning.

“You could be the most f***ed up liar on the planet, but you never lie about your military service,” said Stern. “It messes it up for every real veteran who comes back from the war. Now no one believes you…This lie is so wrong on so many levels…This really sickens me…What as this guy thinking, that he was never going to be discovered?…I want to interview this guy so badly.”

Stern says that he fell hard for Poe’s sob story:

“They didn’t even show my whole speech to him I thought I was about to lose it and cry for the guy. That’s how upset I was for him.”

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