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Howard Stern Joke America’s Got Talent


Howard Stern Joke America’s Got Talent, Many people argued that putting Howard Stern in the judge panel at “America’s Got Talent” is a poor decision that will eventually ruin the show. However, Howard Stern’s first day on “America’s Got Talent” was entirely different from what people were expecting. Instead of a performance from the self-proclaimed “King of all Media” aka Howard Stern, “America’s Got Talent” got to see a pretty good judge. Howard Stern was nothing like most of us expected him to be. He showed none of that notorious arsenal of embarrassing jokes, no mean spirits or self patented praise.

As Washington Post writes, surprisingly, Howard Stern turned into a “beloved uncle” on his first day on “America’s Got Talent”. “Somewhere along the way to the collapse of Western civilization, pioneer shock-jock Howard Stern became a sweet old man, perhaps staving off our multimedia Armageddon” reads an article on Washington Post.

I bet you a lot of people watching Monday’s seventh-season premiere of “America’s Got Talent” were eager to have Howard Stern turn into some sort of Simon Cowell. We’ve been waiting for a loaded gun, slashing down the contestants’ dreams. Instead, it was more of a “Wait, WHAT?” kind of evening. At one point, the 58 year old Howard Stern told a dance troupe with dinosaurs and prehistoric plant props: “This is going to sound sappy. We are the greatest country in the world. You are everything that makes America great”.

The only joke that could have been a mark of the loaded gun Howard Stern once was, got great reactions from both the contestant and the audience. A singer who was already booed by the audience was asked by Howard Stern is he had someone in his life that maybe told him singing isn’t exactly his thing.

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