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Howard Hughes Net Worth 1976


Howard Hughes Net Worth 1976, “Did this person earn their money legitimately or is this person a greedy scoundrel?” “Do you like this person’s work? Apart from how they got their money do you still like their music or acting or performances or legislation or business products?” Howard Hughes in the Spruce Goose

Howard Hughes, one of the most talented, eccentric, and reclusive men of his time, died with a net worth of $4 billion. Born into wealth because his father had invented special tools for the oil industry, Hughes later became a successful film director and producer in Hollywood; set world speed records as an aviator; designed, built, and flew the world’s largest airplane (“The Spruce Goose;) and became so much of a recluse in his later years that one man said he worked for Hughes 17 years and never saw him once.

By age 18, both of Hughes’s parents had passed away leaving him with an estate of $871,000, and the patent for a drill bit that would be a constant money source in years to come. Hughes consistently battled to avoid paying taxes, and so whether Hughes, in 1953, created the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, in Chevy Chase, Maryland as a tax write-off or as a tribute to his parents who died within two years of each other always has remained a mystery.

Hughes’s important contributions to the film industry were his hit films “Hells Angels” and “The Outlaw,” and his role in discovering renowned actresses Jean Harlow and Jane Russell. After crashing and being injured in his first attempt to fly “The Spruce Goose”–built to be a troop carrier in World War II–he tried again in 1947 with limited success.

In 2006, a segment of the popular television news program ’60 Minutes’ linked Howard Hughes with the Watergate scandal of 1972 that ultimately led to the resignation of Richard M. Nixon from the U. S. Presidency. The program stated that Hughes, already in a declining mental state, gave President Nixon a “gift” of $100,000 that Nixon first spent on personal matters, and then felt compelled to learn what the Democratic National Committee, where the burglary took place, knew about the “gift” from Hughes.

According to the few who saw Hughes in his final years, he spent most of the time naked and alone in his apartment and, as a drug addict weighed about 90 pounds at his death.

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