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How Much Money Is The Earth Worth?


How Much Money Is The Earth Worth?, Experts add up the value of the planet’s gold, water, and more to get a massive number. What would be the value when you put together all financial stocks all stocks, bonds, fonds and bar money, which exists on our earth ? This was the question the international management consulting firm McKinsey & Company asked oneself in the year 2005. OK as in 2005 so today this question can never be answered to the cent because the international capital amount is swaying every day and most time it´s rising.

But in spite of that the total amount which the company calculated is impressing. In 2005 the total amount of all financial stocks was amounted to 140 trillion US Dollar. To clarify how much money that is here a few examples what you can buy for it.

That would be a funny thing but I don´t think that the would would be so happy if you would spent its money in such useful investments. By the way its also very interesting to see how the money is allocated on our planet and which county is the richest. So here you got a list of the most richest countries of the world.

Note: Just one percent of all terrestrials are holding an amount of 40 % of the 140 Trillion USD. Two percent (including the one percent from the first sentence) are holding an amount of 51 % of all belongings of the world, and the richest 10 % are holding an amount of 85 % of all belongings. Backwards 50 % of the poorest people are not even holding 1 % of the world´s capital.

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