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Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run


Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Run, Sen. Charles Schumer, New York’s senior senator, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president tonight in a speech at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson dinner.

Schumer said Clinton, the former junior senator from New York, should run in 2016 and would win.

“It’s time for a woman to be president,” Schumer said, according to excerpts from his prepared remarks. “That’s why I am urging Hillary Clinton to run for president and, when she does, she will have my full and unwavering support.”

Schumer’s speech at the major Iowa event initially drew speculation that he, the third-highest ranking U.S. senator, might be contemplating a presidential run.

He dismissed it then, and again reiterated tonight that he won’t, joking how the only time he ran for president was in junior high school — and he lost.

Instead, Schumer said he would back his former Senate colleague — also a constituent who lives in Chappaqua, Westchester County. He becomes one of the highest ranking Democrats to back her potential run.

Schumer is endorsing Clinton despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a fellow Democrat, also being considered as a potential presidential candidate. Cuomo is seeking re-election next year.

The former first lady and secretary of state has not indicated whether she’ll run for president, but she continues to galvanize support among Democrats as she tours the country on a speaking tour, which has included four speeches in New York in recent weeks.

“Run Hillary run. If you run, you’ll win and we’ll all win,” Schumer said. “2016 is Hillary’s time. And our nation will be all the better for it.”

Schumer, first elected in 1998, two years before Clinton won as senator, contended that a Clinton run would neutralize conservative Republicans. Clinton was New York’s senator from 2001 through 2008, when she was tapped by President Obama as secretary of state.

“With a strong platform and with Hillary leading the charge, we will vanquish the Ted Cruz, Tea Party Republicans in 2016 and create a generation of Democrats who will make sure the middle class gets what it needs, our country advances and the torch held by that beautiful lady in New York’s harbor burns more brightly than ever,” Schumer said.

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