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Harry Truman Cause Of Death


Harry Truman Cause Of Death, Harry S. Truman, the 33d President of the United States, died this morning. He was 88 years old.
Mr. Truman, an outspoken and decisive Missouri Democrat who served in the White House from 1945 to 1953, succumbed at 7:50 A.M., central standard time, in Kansas City’s Research Hospital and Medical Center.
He had been a patient there for the last 22 days, struggling against lung congestion, heart irregularity, kidney blockages, failure of the digestive system and the afflictions of old age.

In the more than seven years he was President, from the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s death suddenly elevated him from the Vice Presidency until he himself was succeeded by Dwight David Eisenhower, Mr. Truman left a major mark as a world leader.
He brought mankind face to face with the age of holocaust by ordering atomic bombs dropped on Japan, sent American troops into Korea to halt Communist aggession in Asia, helped contain Communism in Europe by forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and speeded the postwar recovery of Europe through the Marshall Plan.
His domestic record was somewhat less dramatic, for his proposals were often premature. He ended up on the losing sides of fights other Presidents later won — Federal health care, equal rights legislation, low income housing.
His other legacies were perhaps less tangible but no less remembered — the morning walk, the “Give ’em hell” campaign that nipped Thomas E. Dewey at the wire, the desk plaque that proclaimed “The Buck Stops Here!” and the word to the timid and indecisive “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”
Towards the end of his struggle for life, the former President weakened steadily. Early yesterday his doctors warned that death might come “within hours.”
When it came, the doctors announced that the cause was “a complexity of organic failures causing a collapse of the cardiovascular system.”
A state funeral will be held Thursday in nearby Independence, Mr. Truman’s hometown, to mark his passing. Much of the ceremony will be subdued and private at the family’s request.
State funerals are conducted only for former commanders in chief, although the President can direct that a state funeral be held for an individual. Modifications in state funerals, which usually cover 4 or 5 days with considerable ceremony, are made at the request of the family, as in this case.
President Nixon has declared the day of burial, Thursday, to be a day of national mourning. The American flag is to be flown at half-mast for thirty days.
The former President’s body will lie in state at the Truman Library in Independence from 1:35 P. M. tomorrow until 11 A. M. Thursday. Burial will follow on the Library grounds at a spot chosen by Mr. Truman himself.
President Nixon will fly to Kansas City tomorrow afternoon, then go to the library to lie a wreath at the base of Mr. Truman’s coffin. Although it was understood that the President’s name was included on the official list of persons invited to attend the funeral, it was expected that, in keeping with the subdued and private nature of the ceremony, he would not stay overnight for the funeral service and burial.
Tomorrow morning the coffin will be transported to the Library on a route that will pass the Victorian Truman home on the way from the Carson Funeral Home a few blocks away.
The service, scheduled to begin at 2 P. M. Thursday, will be held in the Library’s 250-seat auditorium. Attendance will be by invitation. Burial will follow immediately.
A memorial service for Mr. Truman here will be held at the National Cathedral in Washington for Federal and foreign dignitaries. No date has been set, but the State Department said it would be within two weeks.

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