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Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo, A Boy Band Member


Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo, A Boy Band Member, They’re notorious for their love of tattoos. And One Direction singer Harry Styles revealed the full extent of his obsession with inkings as he went shirtless during a breach break in Barcelona on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old singer displayed his heavily inked chest and torso as he bared his muscular physique while enjoying some time out with friends and family on the holiday.

Among Harry’s most prominent tattoos are two birds on his upper chest, and a detailed butterfly along his ribcage.

Other more random designs include a boat, a large heart and three nails etched on to his left arm.

One Direction are becoming as well known for their love of tattoo parlours as their music, with Niall Horan the only remaining member of the band to have resisted the lure of the needle.

Speaking recently about his bandmates’ obsessions with getting inked, Niall said: ‘Harry and Zayn are really going at it, aren’t they?

‘Harry seems to have a different one every day.’

Harry was enjoying some time out from One Direction’s Take Me Home tour – which has seen the five-piece touring European countries in recent weeks.

So given the chance to take a break from the band’s incredibly hectic schedule, Harry jumped at the chance to put his feet up.

The curly-haired singer was seen relaxing in the sunshine on the balcony of his hotel, as well as spending time with the band’s hairdresser Lou Teasdale’s adorable daughter Lux.

Harry has previously caused Twitter trends by posting shots of himself babysitting little Lux, and his paternal instinct does not seen to have waned.

The singer was more than happy to keep the little girl entertained, with Lux looking delighted as she clung to the heartthrob.

The One Direction drummer Josh Devine was also seen on the holiday, with groups of girls trying to catch a glimpse of the musician as he sunned himself on the beach.

Following a few days off, Harry will have to get back to work as One Direction will be taking to the stage in the city of Badalona on Wednesday night, before heading to Madrid on Friday night.

But while the boys have been delighting fans across Europe with their on-stage skills, Liam Payne recently revealed that they constantly worry Zayn Malik will miss a gig because he is so forgetful.

According to Liam, Zayn often causes concern by forgetting to pack – and has even turned up to airports without his passport in the past.

Liam said: ‘Zayn is the most likely to forget his passport, and has done a number of times.’

And Harry added: ‘Zayn often forgets to pack his suitcase before tours.’

The band’s road crew are said to have nicknamed the 20-year-old singer ‘Nellie’ – in reference to an elephant, an animal famed for its impressive memory – but Zayn has been warned to be more organised ahead of the US leg of the tour, which begins in Florida next month.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ‘Zayn has been told to get his act together this time.’

Meanwhile, One Direction have also announced plans for a new book.

Where We Are: Our Band, Our Story will be released in August and tells the tale of their ‘phenomenal’ story in their own words, as well as featuring ‘exclusive beautiful photos, backstage snapshots, hand-written annotations and brand new insights into the boys’ world’.

Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo, A Boy Band Member

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