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Harry And Amelia Most Popular Baby Names


Harry And Amelia Most Popular Baby Names, Harry and Amelia have been revealed as the most popular baby names in England and Wales. Tommy, Dexter, Eliza and Willow are among the biggest climbers in the list of most popular names for babies born in England and Wales over the last year. Harry tops the list for boys, followed by Oliver and Jack, with Amelia the favourite girls’ name, ahead of Olivia and Lily.

X Factor star Amilea Lily has prompted an increase in her names’ popularity Harry Styles of One Direction and X Factor finalist Amelia Lily are thought to have been major influences on new parents, along with Harry Potter and Prince Harry. Further down the lists, information from the Office for National Statistics shows Tommy has risen from 156th to 65th place, while for girls, Willow climbed from 112th most poular to 75th.

The figures are drawn from official records of 723,913 babies, containing 28,000 boys names and 35,000 girls names.

Regional breakdows show Mohammed is the second favourite boys’ name in the West Midlands and seventh in Yorkshire and The Humber, while Ava is the number two girls’ name in the North East and third in both the North West and Wales

At the Lewisham Birth Centre at University Hospital Lewisham, Matron Lynn Bayes told Sky News that when she watches reality TV she knows babies will soon arrive named after people in the programmes.

More baby boys have been called Harry in the last year than any other name
“We are being driven by TV,” she said.

“But that’s only a small percentage.”

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