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Guns Roses Backplane


Guns Roses Backplane, Backplane, the company that birthed Lady Gaga’s LittleMonsters social network, is now preparing a full litter of big brand niche networks. Ten are reported to be launching by year’s end and so far at least three have surfaced in prelaunch mode. Two continue the focus on music featuring Guns N’ Roses and The Bloody Beetroots. The third is apparently a relaunch of Condé Nast’s Fingerprints site.

It looks like Backplane released the news of their new networks exclusively through Josh Constine at TechCrunch who’s assuming an increasingly visible role covering social networks, especially Facebook, and music tech news. Constine will be speaking at the upcoming SF MusicTech Summit as will Hypebot writer Hisham Dahud.
For some reason no one else seems to be picking up the news and Backplane’s blog is silent on the issue. I assume since brands with devoted followings are involved that they will be doing the marketing to their own fanbases.

Backplane’s first network was Lady Gaga’s LittleMonsters, previously covered here at Hypebot. I can’t remember if content was visible when LittleMonsters launched but the site now requires a login to check out what’s happening. However the contents and overall look seem pretty much the same as at launch.

If this is a shift it makes sense given issues raised by Lady Gaga and her fans, dubbed Little Monsters, related to bullying both on and offline. But it’s likely to be decided on a case-by-case basis given that a brand like Condé Nast may want to leave it accessible to nonmembers to entice them to join. Or vice versa to maintain an air of mystery and exclusivity. I guess we’ll see.

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