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GEORGE W. BUSH’S IQ IS 125, All indicators exclude President George Bush from being a total nitwit. He is very intelligent as his IQ to SAT Scores indicate. His combined SAT score of 1206 indicates that he has an estimated IQ Score of 125 which is well above average intelligence.
He can’t even speak English properly, and has nearly destroyed this country, and they give him an I.Q. of 125? Either 1 of 2 possibilities:

1) He IS really smart and is a remarkably good actor, who has intended all along to run the United States into the ground.

2) The test came with some answers already filled in.

Perhaps because the perception of George W. Bush having low intelligence is common and had been cited by the media as well as by politicians, including a spokesperson for Tony Blair, the hoax report was widely taken to be true. The British newspaper The Guardian, for example, quoted the report in its diary section of July 19, 2001 and used it to belittle Bush, although the paper published a retraction two days after the Associated Press drew attention to the error. Other mainstream media news outlets to fall for the hoax included Bild (Germany), Pravda (Russia), and the Southland Times (New Zealand) as well as a few small U.S. newspapers. The hoax came back to life in March 2007 in Spanish-language media when the Press Agency EFE distributed a piece referring to it. Dozens of media (primarily in their online versions) reproduced EFE’s text. Among newspapers publishing the hoax were El PaĆ­s (Spain’s leading newspaper), ABC, La Vanguardia, and El Mercurio (Chile’s leading newspaper).
A 2006 study analyzing presidential IQs by Dean Keith Simonton of U.C. Davis appeared in the journal Political Psychology. Simonton’s study analyzed the results of varied and often subjective historical material using the tools of historiometry. It estimated IQs for all US presidents, and validated the headline of the hoax, which stated Bush’s was the lowest of any president in the last 50 years, though it estimates his IQ considerably higher (by more than two standard deviations) than the 91 suggested in the hoax report. It rated G.W. Bush second to last since 1900, with an estimated IQ of 125 (the estimates ranged from 111 to 139). Bush’s estimated IQ was only higher than those estimated for Grant (120), Monroe (124), and Harding (124). The same study estimated president Bill Clinton’s IQ at 149, behind only those of Kennedy (151), Jefferson (154) and John Quincy Adams (169).

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