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George H. W. Bush Captain Of The Yale Baseball Team


George H. W. Bush Captain Of The Yale Baseball Team, George Bush was the captain of Yale’s championship college baseball team and he played in the 1947 College World Series. They eventually lost that game to the University of California on a home run from future Red Sox star Jackie Jensen.

“Normally they boo politicians at baseball parks, that kind of goes with the territory.” – George Bush

President George Bush

Quotations From & About George Bush

Quotations From George Bush

“Baseball is just the great American pastime.”

“He (Babe Ruth) complimented the Yale ball field, it was like a putting green, it was so beautiful.”

“I don’t want to intervene, I would simply appeal to both sides to get the matter resolved so the American people can hear that cry, ‘Play Ball,’ again.”

“It’s (baseball) just got everything.”

“I was the captain of the ball club, so I got to receive him (Babe Ruth) there. He was dying. He was hoarse and could hardly talk. He kind of croaked when they set up the mike by the pitcher’s mound. It was tragic. He was hollow. His whole great shape was gaunt and hollowed out.”

“Nolan (Ryan) says throw it high because amateurs get out there, no matter how good they are, and throw it in the dirt. You get more of an ‘ooooo’ if you heave it over the head instead of going with the fast breaking deuce into the dirt.”

“Normally they boo politicians at baseball parks, that kind of goes with the territory.”

“Once, after an especially strong day at bat in a game at Raleigh, North Carolina, I was 3 for 5 with a double and triple, and a scout approached me as I left the field. That the first and last nibble I ever got from the pros.”

“(Milt) Pappas grooved one and I hit it – I hadn’t swung a bat in God, how many years! I hit it crisp right through the middle for a single. People actually cheered and stuff when I got the single. It (1981 Old Timers Game) was more than fun.”

“The Fall Classic has become a metaphor for America’s love with baseball. For a few golden days every October each of us becomes a self-annoited expert. The Fall Classic evokes a continuum of memories. We mark chapters in our lives by the World Series we recall.”

“Yes, I’m a ball fan and I want to go to the opening game someplace. Last year I went to the American League. This year I would like to go the the National League, if possible.”

Quotations About George Bush

“Absolutely superb. A real fancy Dan.” – Dick Tettlebach

“A one handed artist at first base.” – Ethan Allen

“There are, however, two famous first baseman who threw left and batted right, Hal Chase and George Bush. Bush, captain of a fine Yale team that went to the finals of the NCAA tournament, has done an exemplary job recently of throwing out the first ball on Opening Day.” – Robert K. Adair in The Physics of Baseball (1990)

“Yale’s husky first sacker.” – Raleigh News and Opinion

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