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Gene Simmons From KISS Had A Cow’s Tongue Grafted On To His Own.


Gene Simmons From KISS Had A Cow’s Tongue Grafted On To His Own., Kiss are a band that will do almost anything for attention, and none more so than bassist Gene Simmons. The unabashedly sex-crazed rocker has often joked about the sexual advantages of his long tongue, but Simmons has publicly scoffed at the gruesome classic rock legend stating that he once had a cow’s tongue grafted onto his own to form his trademark appendage. He has, however, called that his favorite Kiss rumor.
Nope. But it’s a great story — if you have a taste for tall tales.

Gene Simmons, bass guitarist for the band KISS, is famous for his demon face paint and his unusually large tongue. It’s so long, rumor has it that he grafted a cow’s tongue onto his own.

But the bovine story is bunk. Simmons was born with the 7-inch endowment (the average human tongue is 4 inches long), and has proudly shown it off in numerous photo shoots. He even named his short-lived lifestyle magazine “Tongue.”

These days he’s showing off even more personal details in his reality TV show, “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.”

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