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Geena Davis For Victoria’s Secret.


Geena Davis For Victoria’s Secret., Ahh, Victoria’s Secret. Has there ever been a company that made products exclusively for women that was so beloved by men? Founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond, who had an embarassing experience buying fancy underthings for his wife at a department store, the pink-hued repository for bras, panties, and other assorted womanly things has grown to dominate the market. One reason for that is the incredibly gorgeous models that the company has on tap to model their wares – some of the hottest women of all time have walked the runway and posed in the catalog for Victoria’s Secret. In this feature, we’ve selflessly pored through every single catalog, watched every single fashion show, and compiled a list of the fifty sexiest babes to ever work for Victoria’s Secret. You can thank us later.

Geena Davis
Country of origin: United States
Age: 52
Measurements: 34-25-35

The statuesque Geena Davis was not your ordinary model – standing six feet tall with a size eleven shoe, she towered over the girls of her day. After graduating from Boston University, she moved to New York to ply her trade and quickly got a gig working for Victoria’s Secret. She was soon discovered by directing legend Sydney Pollack, who cast her in his 1982 flick Tootsie. Many more film roles followed, and Davis soon transitioned out of the modeling game for a Hollywood career. She has gone on to star in UGO faves like The Long Kiss Goodnight and Beetlejuice.

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