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French Open 2013


French Open 2013, The result does at least mean that the French Open authorities can stop patrolling the grounds in search of Tomic’s coach and father John, who has had his credentials revoked by the Association of Tennis Professionals after allegedly assaulting Bernard’s practice partner, Thomas Drouet, in Madrid three weeks ago.

Still, this issue is not going to go away, judging by Tomic’s comments after Tuesday’s match. There was a theory that the fracas in Madrid, which took place in the car park of the players’ hotel, might signal the end of John’s tenure as his son’s coach. But that was not the way Bernard saw it, when he came to the interview room after Tuesday’s match.

“My father is here right now in Paris,” said Tomic, who was speaking publicly for the first time since the story broke. “He’s still working with me, he’s still my dad, he’s still my coach, and I love him a lot. I grew up with him and he knows me better than everyone else.”

Everyday arrangements will remain complicated as long as Tomic is travelling with a father who has become a non-person in the eyes of the tennis establishment. Sources at Wimbledon made it clear on Tuesday that John Tomic would not be receiving accreditation this year and would be ejected if found among the paying public.

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