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Former ‘Buffy’ Star Attacked During Swim


Former ‘Buffy’ Star Attacked During Swim, Charisma Carpenter is hosting a new crime show, “I Survived Evil,” that hits very close to home. Charisma Carpenter, Survivor of Violent Attack, Hosting Show About Fighting Back, Charisma Carpenter is frighteningly qualified to host a new series about people who fought back against attackers: She escaped a serial rapist 20 years ago and gave police a key piece of evidence against him.

The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” veteran has signed on to host the Investigation Discovery series “I Survived Evil,” which is a working title. The series will begin filming its 10-episode first season this month.

Carpenter was a 22-year-old former San Diego Chargers cheerleader when she and two male friends were attacked by an armed police officer, Henry Hubbard Jr., while swimming at San Diego’s Torrey Pines State Beach in 1991. They resisted Hubbard, and Carpenter’s two friends were shot and seriously wounded.

People magazine wrote about the attack in 1992. It described how Hubbard, wearing a nylon stocking over his head, ordered Carpenter to tie up one of her friends. Then he ordered her to bind the other man’s hands with a belt.

When she refused, he pressed a pistol to her temple. Eventually, he “handed her his heavy-duty flashlight and knelt to do the job himself,” People wrote. One of Carpenter’s friends lunged at the gunman, and the other joined in. Hubbard shot both men, but he also accidentally shot himself in the left hand, then fled.

Hubbard was arrested when he and his wife went to an emergency room hours later, seeking treatment for his injury. He claimed he had been jumped, but investigators were suspicious because he had sand on his clothes. He also had bite marks that matched the teeth of one of the men who fought back.

A key piece of evidence was his police-issue flashlight — with his name on it — which Carpenter had brought from the beach.

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