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First Dog Keeps Motorcade?


First Dog Keeps Motorcade?, Say what you want about the Obamas, but think twice about badmouthing Bo, the family’s Portugese water dog. Why? Because that pup is protected like whoa – according to the Fox News clip above, the dapper dog travels with his very own motorcade. Conservatives are furious about Fox’s statement, which draws its original info from a 2012 book about the White House budget. They’re understandably peeved by the notion of Bo keeping his high-rolling lifestyle while the White House is attempting to pinch pennies by denying tours to children. But whether or not this rumor rankles you, come on, you’ve gotta admit: Bo must look pretty damn cute in that limo.

President Obama’s “DOTUS” (Dog of the United States) Bo has his own motorcade. That’s right, while the White House is shuttering its doors due to the sequester, the First Dog is riding around like Snoop Dogg.

Before sequestration, Bo might have taken a motorcade to his own castration. The pampered pooch had a personal part-time handler who made $102,000 a year, according to author Robert Keith Grey of “Presidential Perks Gone Royal.” In 2010, the well-catered canine even flew to the Obamas’ Maine vacation on a separate jet.

In Bo’s defense, he is a rare breed of pup — a Portuguese Water Dog worth $1600 and one of only 50,000 in North America. Reputed to be an excellent swimmer, he was a gift from the late Ted Kennedy and his wife Vicki.

While Bo is bouncing in limousine luxury, Obama has somehow found his way into the dog house with the mainstream media. Even ABC Snooze called out the administration for its antics during a piece on sixth graders protesting the White House tour closings.

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