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Fallout Continues After Russian Adelina Sotnikova Wins Skating Gold Over Korean Yuna Kim


Fallout Continues After Russian Adelina Sotnikova Wins Skating Gold Over Korean Yuna Kim, A Russian figure skater has beaten a Korean skater to the gold medal in the women’s free skate despite clearly being the second best competitor on the ice. And Korea, which hosts the 2018 Winter Olympics, is absolutely furious. Word among figure skating experts is that you’re skating on very thin ice indeed to believe that Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova’s upset victory over reigning Olympic champion Yuna Kim of South Korea was richly deserved.

There is even the suggestion the fix could be in, with many seasoned skating commentators and former competitors absolutely astounded at the result.

Katarina Witt, the former East German glamour queen of the ice, tweeted “Shame Gold Medal, Yuna Kim is a real queen”.

Alex Goldberger, Olympics researcher at US broadcaster NBC said “Adelina Sotnikova was excellent tonight, but Yuna Kim was robbed”.

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that Russian judge Alla Shekhovtseva, is married to the general director of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia.

There were three other Eastern European judges on the panel but no Korean. And if fans in Sochi have taught the world anything at these Games, it’s that Eastern European nations cheer for each other if one of their own is not winning.

Yuna Kim won gold in Vancouver and is a revered figure in Korea. Largely due to her popularity, outrage over the perceived judging swindle has gone viral in cyberspace. Online activist site has had the most clicked ever petition in its history – by a factor of five.

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One Response to "Fallout Continues After Russian Adelina Sotnikova Wins Skating Gold Over Korean Yuna Kim"

  1. Steph says:

    I am not surprised that the Russian girl won… even though I thought the Korean girl was better… I watched the show but let’s be real everybody the Russians were going to clean house in the figure skating whether by honest means or not. What I am shocked at is that more people have signed the petition for this than the petition to arrest that man from Arizona who let his special needs son die from neglect. FTW!!!! people are so crazy!!!!

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