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Eminem Stabbed 2013


Eminem Stabbed 2013, Just last week, Detroit rapper Eminem FINALLY released the first new song from his highly-anticipated upcoming album – the high-energy track’s entitled “Survival” and it quickly went viral on the web. Thankfully, Slim Shady also “survived” the morbid online death hoax that’s also currently sweeping Facebook, Twitter, and beyond. Apparently, Eminem was “left for dead” after being stabbed in NYC… but the disturbing report’s NOT true! Shady’s indeed alive and well, and plans on dropping his eighth studio record sometime this fall.
As Mstars originally reported back in May:

Why do so many internet hoaxters enjoy killing off celebrities? This latest “death hoax” involves popular rapper Eminem – he wasn’t exactly “killed” on Facebook, but bogus rumors have it that he was recently stabbed in NYC and left for dead. There’s even a disturbing, bloody image of the “injured” Marshall Mathers that goes along with the fake post. But just to confirm – Slim Shady was NOT stabbed four times, and he’s definitely NOT on the verge of death! The truth is that Em’s set to release a new album soon… which is actually GOOD news!

Here’s the bogus link that’s currently making it’s way around Facebook and the web:

Repeat – this is a total SCAM! Eminem’s rep told E! News that the gruesome rumor was “not true. He remains unstabbed.”

Awesome to hear!

The man in the photo is NOT the “real” Slim Shady – when fans click on the link, it opens up a ton of internet spam. So don’t do it…

This ridiculous celebrity death hoax went viral (and was consequently debunked) months ago… why it’s trending online again now, who knows. Perhaps it’s because Shady just released his new song, “Survival?”

In a recent “Call of Duty” press conference, Eminem also confirmed that his new album will debut sometime this fall (but still no official release date).

Whenever a celebrity does something exciting is when the internet “kills” them off! Just to be clear – Eminem was NOT stabbed and left for dead in NYC. He’s currently performing in Europe, and when he gets back to the States he’ll be preparing to release his new record!

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