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Dora Abrahamson Pics


Dora Abrahamson Pics, An IRS sex lawsuit involving agency worker Dora Abrahamson has captivated the web as Americans prepare their own yearly submissions to the Internal Revenue Service, but scant details have emerged — and there’s no trace of either party allegedly involved in the racy tale on the web.

The IRS sex lawsuit accusing agent Dora Abrahamson of sexually harassing and essentially sextorting (demanding sex instead of money in exchange for the things offered) a man in Oregon was first reported by KVAL in Oregon, and most of the original information is still the sum of what the scandal hungry web knows about the case. (We should note at this point it is highly unusual for a case like this not to yield any dug-up information on either alleged victim and alleged assailant.)

In the original article on the IRS sex lawsuit, the news outlet explained:

“[Alleged victim Vincent] Burroughs claims that in August of 2011 Abrahamson called him and said he would be audited by the IRS. He claims that at the time he didn’t know her … Burroughs says that he had not met Abrahamson before those calls, nor had he heard that he was being audited by the IRS.”

The piece did not include a pic of Dora Abrahamson nor did Burroughs appear in person, instead telling the interviewer via phone:

“She was sending me texts that she wanted to come out, give me massages because she needed to help me relax … She said she knew more than my mother knew about me.”

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