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Donald Trump Comment


Donald Trump Comment, Donald Trump is happy with his fashion business at Macy’s and doesn’t want anyone upsetting it. “The brand is doing spectacular business. The ties are one of the top selling in the country,” Trump told WWD. He also mentioned that late last year he sent a letter to Angelo Carusone, an activist who works at, threatening to sue Carusone, who has been protesting Macy’s and gathering signatures urging the retailer to drop Trump products. The petition is on the petition Web site of, a progressive nonprofit organization. Carusone said Trump’s views are “extreme and troublesome,” particularly those that made national headlines when Trump questioned President Obama’s birthplace, and others reflected in some angry tweeting by Trump after Obama was reelected.

Carusone said that Trump’s political expressions represent a “perverse” form of promoting his businesses at Macy’s and elsewhere. Regarding the threat of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit from Trump, “I’m not backing down,” Carusone told WWD. Considering that Macy’s stages such popular events as the Fourth of July Fireworks and the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Trump and his brand are “widely inconsistent with what Macy’s stands for,” Carusone said.

“We did send him a letter,” Trump confirmed. “Whether we act on the letter or not is subject to seeing what goes on.” Carusone’s protest and comments against him represent “an interference of a contractual relationship,” Trump said. “We have a great relationship with Macy’s. He knows it.”

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