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Dog The Bounty Hunter News


Dog The Bounty Hunter News, Country Music Television (CMT) has picked up a new show debuting next year. It is tentatively called Dog and features Dog Chapman and his wife Beth. Kind of a strange programming choice for CMT.

Duane (aka Dog) and Beth’s show Dog The Bounty Hunter was cancelled on A&E following a lawsuit by fellow Colorado bondsman, Bobby Brown. Brown alleges that he basically created the show. He says he prepared the cases that Dog and Beth pursued. Brown appears in many episodes as someone the Chapmans are helping, not the other way around. There must be something to the lawsuit for A&E to drop a show that averaged 2 million viewers per episode and earned over $400 million dollars.

Brown says he was only paid $6,000. Yeah, if that’s true, he certainly is owed some money. Of course, in true “Beth Chapman style”, she took to Twitter to get fans pissed off at A&E and blocked anybody who mentioned Bobby Brown’s name after the incident. She’s a feisty one.

All Twitter handles associated with the previous show including @OfficialDogNews, @DogBountyHunter, and @MrsDogC changed their profile image to a CMT logo yesterday. CMT (@CMT) tweeted a welcome message to @DogBountyHunter and @MrsDogC also.

The new Dog show will focus less on chasing bad guys that jumped bail and more on the bail bonds business itself. Chapman talks in his book, “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide”, about bad legislation causing him problems over the course of his career. He’s been put out of business more than once because of bail bond laws. This show will apparently touch on that topic again as well as training bounty hunters. Dog Chapman has plenty of experience to offer young, up and coming bounty hunters. He’s probably best in a mentoring role these days than being the one out there chasing criminals.

The new show will undoubtedly be a success. Dog fans are loyal. They stuck by him when Dog The Bounty Hunter was taken off the air following the very bad decision by Dog to use the “N-word” during a phone conversation with his son. A&E brought them back on the air, mostly due to fans complaining. This time, fan complaints or not, A&E is done with them.

The Chapmans are resilient if nothing else. They always seem to bounce back. Their quote seems true, “You can’t keep a good Dog down.”

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