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Diners Called ‘Fat Girls’ On Check


Diners Called ‘Fat Girls’ On Check, The dinner bill for three friends at Chilly D’s Restaurant stung, but it wasn’t the price — printed on the top of the receipt were the words “Fat Girls”. “I got the bill, I was looking at bill [and] I was like, ‘Why does this receipt say ‘fat girls?’” customer Christine Duran said.

The friends had dined out at the Stockton, Calif., restaurant, which is a part of the Cameo Casino Restaurant, on Thursday. The bill lists charges for three tri-tips with fries and three sodas, for a total of $25.50. A bartender named Jeff had apparently typed in “Fat Girls” to keep track of their bill.

When Duran asked a manager for an explanation, he “had like a smirk on his face, like it was funny but trying not to laugh,” she said.

The dining experience went from bad to worse when the restaurant demanded they still pay the bill, offering them a 25 percent discount and then a 50 percent discount. They declined both offers.

In a Facebook message overnight, Maggie Lewis, the Cameo Club Casino owner, apologized and said the insulting treatment Duran and her friends had received is “intolerable in our establishment.”

Jimmy Siemers, co-owner of Chilly D’s, didn’t work the night Duran and her friends received the offensive receipt, but he said he is trying to clean up the mess.

“I just want to tell them we’re sincerely sorry and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure this never happens to anyone again,” he said.

It’s certainly not the first time customers have been insulted on receipts.

In January, a Papa John’s employee was fired after writing “Lady Chinky Eyes” on a receipt to identify an Asian customer.

A Maryland woman was insulted at a RadioShack in March when she purchased a cassette tape adapter and left with a receipt that read “ugly itch” from “tattoville,” referring to the tattoos on her arm in memory of a child lost to SIDS and her deceased mother.

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50 Responses to "Diners Called ‘Fat Girls’ On Check"

  1. Jo says:

    I also do not like fat people, so I did laugh.

    • Martha says:

      So, you would be a person to make rude remarks about a person’s weight, in writing. How would you like for someone to make a rude remark about how you look?

    • Jo's mama says:

      i hate people named Jo ,it’s like jo jo the clown type name lol

    • joisagaypedophile says:

      jo,, i can see your afraid,, its clear,, relax, we wont eat you” ya lil coward,, we might feed you to the pigs and then eat them,,, but your clearly a scrawny,stringy ,foul and bitter individual who would just get stuck in my teeth and leave a bad aftertaste. so go back to molesting lil kids who cant fight back,, bet you touched a fat kid and he kicked your ass ya filthy pedophile!!!!! is that why your afraid of big people? cause were not easy targets? did a fat kid steal your icecream? loser

    • David says:

      Would you also have found it funny had they out , three niggers? Or three faggots, How about three Rag heads? Common decency should apply to everyone, not just those you choose. Those women were paying customers in an establishment that was providing a service. They deserved the respect accorded to every customer.

      • Steve From LA says:

        It’s not the same, a racist slur and a person who is in fact ‘fat’ are different. In most cases fat people chose to be fat. In this case it is just that, three people having high calorie meals. They continue to eat like they are in fact fat. They clearly don’t care what they do to their body, who do they care how people see them?

        • David says:

          It doesnt matter, WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ANOTHER PERSON? Religion is a choice, am I then allowed to make slurs against muslims? Come on being a bully is just simply wrong! Respect goes for everyone or no one is respected. You cannot pick and choose who is worthy just because of your particular set of values

        • Rossie Slimm says:

          I would say to those fat women to stop eating those FAT burgers and fries and learn from this lesson and take it as a much needed motivation. YOur husbands, boyfriends, if you do have any, dont want to be with a FAT MASS of meat. We do have cows for that. SO stop complaining so much or blaming someone else. Did the bartender cross the line, yes he did but so what? Is not like calling you derogatory name at all. Fat is a disease in the USA which will kill you much sooner and will make your man run away to a sexier woman. I traveled to Spain, France, Italy, Germany and all over Europe and even to ARgentina and Chile and many South American Nations and for sure didnt see any of those white women fat at all. And they were also beautiful specially in Spain, Italy, Argentina and other Latin nations.

      • Val says:

        Well said David!
        Excellent comment!
        Sadly, though, common decency is vanishing more and more each year in this country.

    • SusannaEOB1 says:

      This just shows how judgmental people can be. Are we now going to allow prejudice as a normal part of our community? Just because you do not “like” someone are you allowed to treat them disrespectfully?

      • David says:

        Well said, in fact they were paying customers till that point just as everyone else! Should thay not have been treated wth the same dignity as everyone else. I bet if they had been Muslim the media would be having a field day with this.

    • Roderick says:

      If they don’t like being addressed as fat, get off their fat asses and lose weight. Who cares.

  2. bottle01 says:

    I went to pizza hut once and the waitress call the police because I had a knife on my belt loops. pizza hut gave me my pizza free no big deal.

  3. Sid says:

    If you don’t like being identified as fat. Don’t be fat. If you think you have a right to be fat and not be identified as fat, you don’t.

    • David says:

      I see so if , by your line of thinking, I would have been ok for the waiter to put 3 muslims on top of the bill if they had been 3 muslims. They Choose their religion and They can choose not to be Muslim right? Or If they were two Gay Male Couples He could have put 4 faggots as they can choose not to be gay right? Disrespect is disrespect. Even if they had simply said prayers before eating and he put Bible thumpers on it it is still WRONG! nO DEROGATORY REMARKS TOWARD PAYING CUSTOMERS What part of this is too hard for you to understand?

      • Rossie Slimm says:

        WHat is wrong with writing 3 muslims? IS like saying 3 asians or 3 germans. NOthing worng with that at all. But chances are that you wouldnt need to write down that at all since you can tell who the 3 muslims are. at this place maybe they were quiet a few fat women and men but ONLY one table had 3 fat women. There is a famous UK tv show about two ladies who go around on a motobike and is called, “two fat ladies.”

  4. Joseph says:

    I wouldn’t have offered any discount. It’s says they declined all offers, so I wonder if they paid. If not, I would seek charges of shoplifting. If you can;t take being called FAT then do something about it.

  5. Lori says:

    Who the hell eats or goes to Stockton, Ca. anyway? Anyway, really poor restaurant management.

  6. Lin says:

    Just another form of bullying, only with adults instead of children this time. Everyone deserves to be treated with some respect regardless of how they look.

  7. bosslady says:

    If the elastic waistband fits…

  8. Myron Jobra says:

    So they refused to pay because they were insulted? Sorry, but that’s not how it works. An apology would be the right thing to do, but if you eat you should pay for your food.

  9. Noelle says:

    Well, were they fat??

  10. Ed Smith says:

    I throwed up all ovar the floor once and they still made me pay for my meal, even though it was all ovar the floor!

  11. linda says:

    people are just plain stupid.

  12. Steve From LA says:

    Who cares!! Cook at home, geez, America, relax a little. These fatties got a discount, they should just eat healthy and NOT worry waht people say about them

    • Deena says:

      Ok, Steve. You say that until someone at Home Depot lists you as “loser” or something.

      • Steve From LA says:

        Home Depot? Ok, I guess you think I work there. Ok, I’ll use that as an example. If I work at, say Home Depot, I am in fact not a loser, I am working, trying to better my situation, as it were. However, if I am consuming high calories and at least look fat, then I chose to be that way and the fact is I would then in fact be fat. Que no?

        • Lino says:

          You seem to be making a LOGICAL point. So let’s continue with that. Being that it is well known and understood by most, if not nearly all persons possessing common sense, that the use of the word FAT is generally considered an insult to those which the term is being referred to…. WHY would you WRITE it down and then PRESENT it to the very same people you are calling FAT? This is pretty STUPID and shows a lack of basic social skills. Therefore, this person should, for their own good and that of others, not be put in a situation where they are UNABLE or simply UNWILLING to engage with society in a RESPECTFUL manner through their job. Maybe he would be a better cook or janitor or any other job in the restaurant that DOES NOT deal with the various different types of customers as it is OBVIOUS that this person is NOT good at it.

          As one other commentor put it…. WHY WOULD YOU INSULT YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS? This is NOT logical at all. Unless he dislikes his the owner of the restaurant so much that he is being insulting on purpose to drive away customers. HENCE… the solution once again comes down to him being removed from that position.

          He can BETTER his life (as you put it) from across the street painting over graffiti put up by other non-property respectful people.

  13. jonny says:

    Fat people do nothing but complain, lay off the cheese burgers and fries and maybe the bartender would have referred to you girls as the “skinny girls” but No you tubs of lard had to eat the greasy burgers

    • Deena says:

      I’m pretty sure people in America are allowed to eat whatever they want. Why should someone worry about having to be insulted by the help? If it was “lesbians” or “towel-heads”, should they be eating salads too? Ish for brains.

    • Mickey says:

      You are truly an idiot. I am a nutritionist. Most so called “fat people” do not eat too many cheese burgers, and they certainly don’t over eat. Some bodies, break food down better. Some people are lucky enough to handle the growth hormones our food is filled with. If you are one of the those lucky people, good for you. But, in America, it is legal to sell lies and the diet industry is one lie after another. Granted, there are exceptions. But unless you know exactly what is going on with someone’s tolerance to these products, and any other uncontrollable health issues they may have, what you are doing is no different than making fun of person who has lost their legs because they can’t out run you.

  14. KJC says:

    I feel more sorry for commenter Jo than I do for the diners in the article.
    Being hateful like that means a very sad & lonely existence. Prayers for you Jo. May you someday find peace in your angry heart.

  15. Will says:

    LOL. fat people..

  16. Cheryl says:

    Though I have to admit it, the waitor was very unprofessional and should be disciplined for his actions.
    Now, having said that…You ladies are over weight, look in mirrow. People now days have no pride in their appearance

  17. Benjy says:

    They all deserved their meals free for being insulted, except the last part. Ppl aren’t born w/ tattoos; She made that choice. It looks like a person playing victim to SIDS or w/e than seeing the faults of the restaurant at hand.

  18. Jo Wilson says:

    I think this entire article and the ignorant comments from people calling them fatties, etc. The point is that the customer is who those people are working for. If it wasn’t for the customer/consumer – joeblow pimply face high schooler who calls his or her customers names wouldn’t even have a job. I can’t stand ignorant people. I hope the person gets fired and the restaurant gets sued.

    • Steve From LA says:

      Funny, an American response. Make excuses for the growing problem in this country, and suggest they sue? HaHa, how about fat people or all people discontinue to make excuses and make healthy choices. This would impact that establisment more than to sue. Such a sue happy contry. That is the decline of small business and business in general in California.

  19. Deena says:


  20. Jeffrey says:

    I would like to see that PUNK server try that with me!!!!!!

  21. Brooke says:

    As a server/ bartender if I was trying to keep track, I would use the color of their hat or shirt, or just keep track by the type of drink the customer was drinking. I could not imagine how humiliating this would be for the server and the patrons!

  22. Amy Anderson says:

    I would laugh because I know it would either be a joke or obvious jealousy because I have enough self respect to take care of myself and my body with diet and exercise. If people want to be offended by being called fat maybe they should fix it. I wouldn’t be offended if someone called me “black haired lady” if I dyed my hair black. Why should a fatty be offended if they too are called something based on the choices they make to represent themselves.

    • the mom says:

      must be nice to be perfect. so if a service employee puts “conceited, arrogant woman who acts like she’s zeus’ gift to mankind but really has no valid purpose on earth” to identify you, you wouldn’t be insulted?

    • Mickey says:

      Try having enough self respect to be a respectful person. You’re calling them fatty? I guess that makes you a slob. Maybe your exercise routine should include a brain workout.

  23. David says:

    I am simply appaled by the people who think that this is OK. BY what right do you feel that you are superior to another human being in such a sense that you can judge them? Who gave you permission to degrade them? Are you so very good looking that we should all bow at your feet? You have no blemishes or defects? How dare you think that it is ok! No one deserves to have their feelings hurt intentionally by someone else trying to be cruel. Perhaps you need to think about if that was you or someone you loved, a sister or mother? Would it still be as much fun? No wonder everyone thinks we are heading towards doomsday, if I were God I wouldnt bother with such a discpicable species either

  24. Tom says:

    its funny how people in this comment section (steve from la, amy anderson, and the other twits) think that its ok to insult one another and they should fix it if being insulted. so lets go down the line. Steve from LA your probably an abusive father, get money from your parents, have no significant other, and question your sexuality with your massive drug addiction. Amy your possibly the girl who gets with a guy no matter what if he looks hot enough, but you come to find out that every guy you date is a jerk (i.e athletic, musclebound, non educated jersery shore guys) or that you claim to have a good life but in that existence your husband or significant other cheats on you and you cant bear to be a woman with dignity and do something about it.

    For the rest of you who like to judge you guys probably live at home with parents, never went to college, but always said your going to make it in the world, but are stagnat and probably have been made fun of massive amounts of time by others and hated by your parents so you decided to take your aggression out on others to make yourself feel better but when you look in the mirror your are all sad pathetic human beings.

    So i made my assumptions and im probably 100% correct so why dont you fix this. Society doesnt want to hear your MTV social lives and look how pathetic you guys actually look? does that make you feel sad to know thats what society thinks of you? If i saw any of you in a diner and walked past you i would laugh histerically at the concept that you guys were ever thought of by your parents when said “hey, lets have a kid” because i bet any of your parents wouldnt let you be the way you are today.

    I bet as well that some of your parents are “fatties” or family members are “fatties” as well ( you cant say no because thats highly impossible in a statistic ratio) . You guys take a look on the outside and see something on what the media portrays and not for what people are on the inside. You can make fun of people all day long, but these people can lose the weight, but you will all still be the sad, pathetic, failure to launch, drig addicted, and abusive people you will always be.

    It a sad day when god gave us minds so strong that he only gave it to a small percentile.

  25. David says:

    Well said Tom, You are the first person so far on here that seems to not only have some common sense but a firm grasp of decency. Bravo for saying what needed to be said, its just as shame that those above are not intelligent to understand that you are talking about them, they think surely you must be talking about someone else.

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