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Dennis Miller Radio Show


Dennis Miller Radio Show, Comedian and radio talk show host Dennis Miller tore into a caller Thursday for accusing him of hating Democrats.

When Miller gave “Dave from Ohio” the chance to back away from his accusation, things got even more heated (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

After some introductory pleasantries, Dave prefaced his question by saying, “I agree with you about the servicemen and how you praise them for saving our country, for, you know, for keeping us safe every day.”

He continued, “With you being so Republican and hating the Democrats.”

This didn’t sit well with Miller who struck back, “Hey, hey, wait. I got to stop you there. Come on. You listen to this show and you think I hate the Democrats? You think I’m so Republican?”

Dave answered, “It appears that way.”

“Nah, you’re not listening, Dave,” responded Miller. “That’s not fair of you. There are very few things that piss me off, but don’t say, ‘You are so Republican and you hate Democrats.’ That’s crap.”

“I said it appears that way,” Dave replied.

“Well, you’re wrong, pal,” said Miller. “I’m conservative on some things. I’m liberal on other things. I don’t have hate in my life, and I don’t appreciate you calling up and codifying me like that.”

Miller told Dave that he could continue with his question, but that he was skeptical.

“My question is,” said Dave, “if you found out these servicemen are Democrats, would you still have the same respect?”

That completely set Miller off.

“I’m talking about politicians,” replied Miller. “Of course I would. Do you mind if I hang on to your call? Because you’re one of the biggest morons I’ve had on.”

“I’m telling you you’re one of the most moronic callers I’ve ever had,” continued Miller. “How does that feel? Are you good with that? Are you happy with that? Does it bug you at all, or do you think, ‘Maybe I misplayed that?’”

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