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Dark Shadows Where Are They Now


Dark Shadows Where Are They Now, Count Lara Parker, Dark Shadows’ original Angelique, among the fans of Tim Burton’s take on the material. Lara (who will be discussing her DS novels in an exclusive interview at Blog of Dark Shadows next week) has certainly noted the response of veteran fans to the approach of the movie, but has put things in perspective. In an interview with The Republic she offers, “The Dark Shadows fans are extremely vocal and passionately loyal to the original show. But they are a drop in the bucket to Johnny Depp’s fans. They think they are the deciding factor, and I think that’s lovely. …They remind me of the Tea Party. They’re so right. You can’t argue with them. …. They say they won’t go see this movie. Well, they’ll go see it.”

She believes that the film is actually an homage to the original, noting “His sets are like paintings. He goes far beyond what we could do in our little studio in New York.”
She, of course, appears briefly in the film along with the late Jonathan Frid, David Selby and Kathryn Leigh Scott. “I was so excited and so thrilled,” she said. “Jonathan and Johnny Depp were introduced. It was a sweet moment. I’m not sure Jonathan knew who Johnny Depp was — he didn’t watch TV or keep up with popular culture — but Johnny Depp was extremely warm. I think Jonathan finally realized that this young actor in white makeup was going to be the new Barnabas.”

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