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Danica Patrick New Look 2014


Danica Patrick New Look 2014, Danica’s new look 2014 has arrived, and this former race car rookie has a fresh color set unveiled – with the removal of the “newbie” stripe on her car being immediately noticeable. The popular female driver’s latest vehicle design was shared on Facebook this weekend, and fans seem to be pretty pleased with it. The Christian Post describes these colorful changes and more this Monday, Dec. 16, 2013.

Danica Patrick’s new look for the 2014 season shows her classic GoDaddy Chevrolet racer seeing some relatively minor adjustments for the 2014 NASCAR series in the Sprint Cup, but still great ones, nonetheless. Right away fellow fans can notice that the rookie stripe on her car is gone, and an orange stripe set along the center has taken its place. This welcome change has garnered hundreds of comments on the Facebook post, uploaded via GoDaddy and NASCAR.

“And here is it, Danica’s 2014 #10 ride,” the post by GoDaddy read on Facebook. “Only the most dedicated Danica Patrick fan will know if this is the first car with an orange stripe like that. Only share if you like it. #ItsGoTime #GoDaddyRacing.”

Of course, Danica Patrick isn’t just acquiring the sleek new paint scheme from her sponsor GoDaddy in the upcoming racing season this 2014. The now household name 31-year-old race car driver will also be using a different car of blue and white (the Aspen Dental colors), in both Atlanta and Las Vegas. That cool blue paint scheme was revealed a few months back, but nonetheless shows that Patrick has a long race track ahead of her in terms of her career.

While Danica Patrick has recently been in the news this year for hosting the American Country Awards to getting roasted with an icy demeanor, the talented female racer’s latest trend stealer is the Danica new look 2014 headline.

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