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Couple’s Hilarious Commercial Bloopers


Couple’s Hilarious Commercial Bloopers, John and Sonja Palmer’s repeated attempts to nail one line make them viral stars. Couple Gains Viral Notoriety with Commercial Blooper Real Outtakes, If you’ve ever had to memorize words and recite them in front of a crowd or a camera crew, you will likely empathize with Sonja and John Palmer. The Palmers are featured in a commercial for Dysart’s Restaurant in Bangor, Maine, but it’s not the commercial that has people talking, it’s the outtakes.

The viral video is full of bloopers as John makes several attempts to describe the restaurant’s chicken pot pie as “baked in a buttery, flaky crust.” It sounds simple enough, but John just does not seem able to say the words as they are written. Sonja tries to coach him a bit by repeating the words to him. Sonja starts to get a bit annoyed that her husband cannot get it right.

John seems to get a kick out of the whole shoot and laughs awkwardly when he struggles to nail the take. He instructs whoever is holding the cue cards to make sure they keep the cue cards up for him to see.

When Sonja just can’t take it anymore, she says, “You should have had me do that.” John agrees, “Oh yeah, she does that good.” However, the shoot continues with John not being able to say “flaky” and instead saying “crispy” over and over again. Then, when Sonja is exasperated to the point of yelling at John, it’s her turn to try the line.

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