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Cops Shoot Man Dead – At Wrong Address


Cops Shoot Man Dead – At Wrong Address, Officers looking for an attempted murder suspect knock on the wrong door, with tragic results. A man whose Australian Cattle Dog Cisco was shot dead by a Texas police officer responding to a 911 call at a wrong address is asking for improvements to how authorities handle animals they encounter during such investigations.
Michael Paxton said he was playing with his 7-year-old dog in his backyard in Austin on a “quiet” Saturday when an officer showed up in his driveway. His dog, who ran out barking, was dead in seconds, he said.

“I told the officer, you know, don’t shoot my dog cause I knew the dog was going to run forward towards us,” Paxton, a 40-year-old lab tech, told “He (Cisco) ran to the officer’s feet; the officer shot him and killed him.”

“I was panicked, traumatized,” he said, noting that Cisco — who he said has never attacked anyone — was like his child. “It’s a very painful loss for me.”

The policeman had been responding to a call about a man holding a woman against her will and fighting out front at the address, Sgt. David Daniels, a police spokesman, told But the pair didn’t live there and were not on the scene when the officer arrived, he said.

That was not known when the officer reached Paxton’s home, Daniels said, adding that police did eventually find the pair, who lived a few doors down.

“It’s unfortunate that these two particular individuals were fighting in front … of that location, but that was the location that was provided to the officer,” he said.

From a recording made at the scene, and played on a local affiliate, the officer can be heard yelling, “Show me your hands! Show me your hands! Hey, get your dog!” and then a shot is heard.

An exchange continues between the pair, with the officer asking Paxton why he didn’t get his dog.

“You pulled a gun out and told me to put my hands up. What am I supposed to do?” Paxton replied, according to the recording.

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One Response to "Cops Shoot Man Dead – At Wrong Address"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t cops ever handle a situation where they do not shoot, nevermind kill? It goes to show you that cops think they are above the law and that the alone can commit the crimes they are supposed working hard against. I gaurantee you they will not be put away. It just said they killed the dog too. How is it justified that a cop can do this?

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