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Chumlee Pawn Stars Dead


Chumlee Pawn Stars Dead, Despite what various sources on the Internet would have you believe, massive “Pawn Stars” talent Chumlee is not, in fact, dead. On Tuesday, the web site Internet Chronicle released a story that Chum, whose real name is Austin Russell, was discovered dead of a marijuana overdose by fellow “Pawn Stars” reality actor Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison.

That should have been a tip off. A marijuana overdose? The hoax suckered fans, however, and grief for the supposed passing of the beloved big man came pouring in. Russell posted on Twitter Friday, and proved himself very much alive in a Vine video repeatedly saying, “I’m alive.” Long live Chumlee.

“Chumlee” of “Pawn Stars” is not dead, despite rumors to the contrary. Chumlee, real name Austin Russell, became the latest victim of an Internet death hoax and it fooled a few fans. The Inquisitr shared the details on June 5 of the story that took off across social media sites.

Though the original “Chumlee of ‘Pawn Stars’ dead” rumors came from a site that was pretty clearly a hoax, things took a life of their own and it took a while for some fans to discover that Austin Russell is just fine. The original story came from Internet Chronicle and claimed that “Big Hoss” discovered Chumlee dead Tuesday morning, supposedly of a marijuana overdose.

Granted many would or should realize that a marijuana overdose is unlikely if not impossible. That didn’t stop Internet Chronicle from coming up with a scenario to try to make it feasible. Despite the rather unbelievable claims of how Chumlee’s “Pawn Stars” death occurred, many took to social media to mourn his passing.

Austin Russell took matters into his own hands Friday via his Twitter page. He posted a quick Vine video that shows him saying “I’M ALIVE!” with the hashtags “#not #dead #chumlee #magic #howto #selfie.” Every celebrity handles these death hoaxes differently, but fans always seem to get a chuckle out of those who can acknowledge it and have a bit of fun with it as Russell did.

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