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Chuck Norris Gena O’Kelley Children Dakota Alan Norris and Danilee Kelly Norris


Chuck Norris Gena O’Kelley Children Dakota Alan Norris and Danilee Kelly Norris, Learning from his past mistakes, Chuck Norris appears determined to have a long lasting marriage with Gena O’Kelley.
Here is information about Chuck’s first marriage, his marriage with Gena, their children, and more.

According to Chuck’s book, Against All Odds, page 196-197, Gena and Chuck met in Dallas in 1997 while Chuch was on a dinner date with someone else. “Gena came on the set the next day and played a small part on the show … I invited her to dinner that night … I wanted to get to know Gena better, so I asked her to return to Dallas as soon as possible. She came back a couple of weeks later, and our friendship grew into a dating relationship. Before long I felt myself falling head over heels in love.”
At the time of their marriage, Chuck was 58 years old and Gena was 30 years old.
After receiving premarital counseling, Gena and Chuck were married on November 28, 1998 at The North Church in Carrolton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The ceremony was conducted by Pastor Lawrence Kennedy.

Chuck and Gena included all their children in their wedding which was attended by nearly 60 people. Country singer Sammy Kershaw and his band sang “You Are the Love of My Life” for Gena and Chuck.

Their honeymoon had to be postponed, but they later flew to Bora-Bora.


Chuck has 5 children.
Michael Ray Norris: Born in 1963. Actor, director, writer, producer, composer. Mike has three children. His mother is Dianne Holechek.

Eric Scott Norris: Born May 20, 1965 in Redondo Beach, California. Director, actor, stunt coordinator, professional Nascar driver. His mother is Dianne Holechek. Eric has three children with his wife Stephanie A. Norris. They live in Dana Point, California.

Dakota Alan Norris: Born August 30, 2001, one month premature. His mother is Gena O’Kelly.

Danilee Kelly Norris: Born August 30, 2001, one month premature. Her mother is Gena O’Kelly.

Dianna DeCioli aka Dina: Born in 1964. She met Chuck for the first time in 1991. Dina is married to Damien and has three children. Her mother is Johanna.
Chuck: “Later Dianna told me how her mother had gotten pregnant from that one and only encounter, and when she was born, her mother named her dianna but called her Dina (pronounced “Deena”). Johanna got married soon after Dina was born, so Dina always believed that the man her mother married was her father.”
Source: Chuck Norris, Against All Odds: My Story, page 173.
Gena has two children from her previous marriage.

Kelley Hinschberger:

Tim Hinschberger:
Occupations and Residences:

Chuck: U.S. Air Force, karate instructor, championship fighter, founder of United Fighting Arts Federation and the Kick-Start Foundation. Chuck enjoys playing golf.
Gena: Model and former deputy sheriff in Chester, California.

Chuck and Gena have a ranch near Houston, Texas and homes in Dallas, Texas and Los Angeles, California.
Chuck: “The reason I have to work out so hard to stay in good shape now is because Gena wants to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary together. I’ll be 108, but I intend to be there.”
Source: Hallmark
Gena about meeting Chuck: “I didn’t know what Walker was. But after we had a chance to talk and get to know each other, there was something in his eyes, something in his eyes that really attracted me to him. It was almost like I could see into his soul. I could just tell that he was a tender, kind person, somebody that I’d like to get to know a little bit better, a man of integrity.”

Chuck about mistakes he made: “If your whole life is spent trying to make money and you neglect the people important in your life, you will create an emptiness deep in your heart and soul. I know. I fell into that trap. I dedicated my whole life to fame and fortune. I had a huge hole in my heart and was miserable until I met my wife, Gena, who brought me back to the Lord.”
Source: “On Chuck Norris ‘mania’ sweeping the Net”,, 10/23/2006.

Chuck about the premarital counseling he and Gena received: “The counseling was especially vauable to Gena and me, since both of us had been married previously and were bringing a large amount of emotional baggage along with us to our new relationship.”
Source: Against All Odds: My Story, page 201.

Previous Marriages:
Both Gena and Chuck were previously married. Gena was married to Gordon Hinschberger. Chuck was married to Dianne Holechek.
Chuck about his separation from Dianne: “I realized I preferred the married life, so I begged my wife to come back.”
Source: Syracuse Herald Journal. December 29, 1985.
Dianne, about returning to Chuck: “I think what I felt for him in high school reversed, and he fell in love with me. Maybe he realized how important I was in his life, and after that — we just have a great marriage.”
Source: Syracuse Herald Journal, December 29, 1985.
Chuck about the end of his marriage with Dianne: “… sometimes you lose sight of what’s really important in your life. I lost a marriage because of it.”
Chuck about his divorce from Dianne: “The divorce was mainly caused by my getting hooked and addicted to the secular Hollywood lifestyle and drifting from God.”
Source: New Man Magazine
Chuck about the dissolution of his marriage with Dianne: “The dissolution of our marriage was not the loud, violent blowout that many couples experience but more like a slow leak that eventually causes a balloon to lose its shape, beauty and attraction. By the time we realized what was happening, there was nothing left. Dianne was and is an incredible woman, and even though we are no longer married, we remain friends to this day.”
Source: Against All Odds: My Story, pages 177-178.

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