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China Baby In Pipe


China Baby In Pipe, Emergency workers have rescued a newborn Chinese baby boy from a narrow sewer pipe beneath a public restroom in a residential building in eastern China.
It’s not clear how the baby originally became lodged in the pipe just beneath the building’s fourth-floor bathroom, but according to Zhejiang News, China’s state-run news service, residents reported hearing a baby crying through the piping this weekend, summoning firefighters to the Jinhua-based apartment complex Saturday morning, where they worked for two hours to carefully disassemble the sewage system.

According to NBC News, emergency crews were actually able to see the baby’s head by peering down the toilet and into the tiny 4-inch diameter pipe, but couldn’t extract him. That prompted them to move down a floor and work from below. They eventually sawed out the section containing the pipe-entombed baby, then rushed it to a local hospital, where they carefully pried away tiny pieces of the pipe’s siding to unearth the crying child within.

The baby, now known as “No. 59? after his hospital incubator designation, was reported in stable condition, though NBC (which spoke to doctors at the hospital) notes his heart rate was initially low and that he was considerably bruised. No one has yet come forward to claim the child, though the hospital has apparently received multiple offers to adopt him, as well as donations of baby-related items.

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