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Chicken Saves Family Fire


Chicken Saves Family Fire, Think your dog is awesome? A pet chicken in Wisconsin just saved a family from getting burned alive in their burning house. According to a local report from an NBC affiliate, a family in Alma Center, WI was sleeping when an aggressive house fire broke out.

The fire alarms didn’t go off-but a pet chicken the family had adopted and brought inside when dogs wouldn’t stop chasing it around the driveway sensed danger and started squawking at top volume, waking up the family with enough time to get themselves out of the house safely before the blaze consumed the whole thing and everything inside.

It was reported yesterday that Kate Winslet will be going to space-a $200,000 gift from Richard Branson, the uncle of her new husband Ned RocknRoll, courtesy of Virgin Galactic. Branson offered to gift her the space trip when she saved his grandmother from a house fire on his island. It seems only only right that this hero chicken be given an equivalent reward and launched into space as well. Sure, it may not have been trying to “save” the family per se as much as just panicking at an imminent fiery death-but hey, whatever gets it done, right?

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