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Buck Wild MTV Show


Buck Wild MTV Show, Did you watch the premiere of “Buckwild” on MTV Thursday night? The show, which takes place in West Virginia, may have captivated an audience, but not everyone in the state was tuning in; some are even upset about the new series. Set in Sissonville, W.Va., MTV’s latest “authentic comedic series” follows the antics of nine twentysomething cast members. Punches are thrown and words are exchanged, as turmoil brews among the roommates.

“CBS This Morning” contributor Lee Woodruff traveled to West Virginia this week and said it “took about 10 bars to find people who were watching the show and would talk about the show.”

When Woodruff actually found a few West Virginians willing to weigh in, many of them didn’t have the best things to say about the series, which follows “an outrageous group of childhood friends from the rural foothills of West Virginia who love to dodge grown-up responsibilities.”

Some West Virginians are angry, arguing the show feeds into “redneck” stereotypes. Samantha Markos, a nearby waitress, said if MTV producers filmed a “real” reality show about the state, “You would find a lot of hardworking people that provide for their families.”

Melissa Whitman, who lived across the street from where the “Buckwild” gang resided during shooting last year, witnessed more than she probably wanted to see, especially as those nasty fights broke out.

“I watched the producer actually talk to the lady and tell her exactly how he wanted her to come off on film,” she said, later adding, “I guess they thought that we were all uneducated.”

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