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Bruno Mars Parents


Bruno Mars Parents, His mother Bernadette was only 55-years-old when she passed away in June 2013 in Hawaii from a brain aneurysm.

And Bruno Mars “ who was so close to his beloved mom that he had her name tattooed on his shoulder “ paid a special tribute to her during his Super Bowl Halftime performance on Sunday.

Opening the show with a rousing drum set, a closer looked showed his kit had Bernadette’s name written across in large letters on a banner across a large red heart.

It was a sweet gesture on the biggest night of the 28-year-olds professional life as he followed in the footsteps of superstars including Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas and Madonna.

The mother-of-six’s death last year came after it was first reported she had suffered a heart attack and was being treated at the Queens Medical Centre in Honolulu.

However, it was later revealed to be an aneurysm.

Bruno was obviously very close to the Philippines-born Bernadette, as were his siblings Eric, who is Bruno’s drummer, and his four sisters Presley, Tahiti, Tiara and Jamie.

She was divorced from his father Peter Hernandez, who was of Puerto Rican and Jewish descent.

The singer previously opened up about his childhood to Rolling Stone, talking about his family’s penchant for music and dressing as Elvis as a toddler.

‘I wouldn’t trade it for anything,’ Bruno told the magazine of singing in a family band. ‘Because I feel like I can enjoy this so much.’

When he was four he recorded a tune he penned titled I Love You Mom, an Eighties style synth ballad in which he repeats the title and calls her ‘my favourite girl’.

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