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Brooke Greenberg


Brooke Greenberg, Brooke Greenberg passed away on Sunday at the age of 20 leaving doctors still baffled over her rare genetic condition which prevented her from aging.

A woman who suffered from a rare genetic condition that prevented her from ageing has died, having never developed beyond the size of a toddler.

Various parts of her body, rather than all being at the same stage, seem to be disconnected.

Brooke Greenberg was aged 20 when she passed away in the US last week, but she still looked and behaved like a child.

She slept in a cot, was pushed around in a pram, and doctors estimated she had a cognitive age of between nine months and one year.

Her funeral was held on Sunday, local time, at a synagogue outside Baltimore.

“While the outside world may have noticed Brooke’s physical stature and been puzzled by her unique development state, she brought joy and love to her family,” Rabbi Andrew Busch, who delivered the eulogy at the funeral, told the New York Daily News.

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