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Brandy and Ray J Are Snoop Lion’s Cousins


Brandy and Ray J Are Snoop Lion’s Cousins, This one seemed very odd considering they come two very different worlds for first cousins. But Snoop Dogg said it himself in this interview with MTV. He explained why he kept the info on the low, saying that ”We never really told the world because we weren’t trippin’ off of that, but that’s my family.”

Going through Brandy’s wikipedia page, we read along to find out about any album or single news and we found a little known fact about the singer. Brandy and her brother Ray-J are actually the cousins of Snoop Dogg. How is that not well known? We googled it and only 2 obscure pages turned up about the subject. To make things even more fascinating. The cousins are also cousins with influential guitarist Bo Diddley. It’s all in the family. This is better than Kristinia DeBarge’s Janet Jackson connection!

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